What this is: A pretty grid generator for use in conjunction with Zone Grids' semicolon-separated game grid output. It makes nice tables with team names and colours. If you don't know what I mean, press the "Generate That Grid" button down below without changing any of the data in the form below first to see.

A quick note: I will be working on an a JSON or XML download/upload facility in the future so you can save your settings and load them back in without having to re-type them again.

One more thing: Extract all of the files to the same place when you download your ZIP; if you don't, some of the links won't work and the styles may not display correctly.

Javascript is required to use the form below.

Option 1: Upload a TSV File

If you upload a file, anything entered in option 2 will be ignored. :)

Option 2: Zone Grids and Team/Player Names

If you untick this check-box, an 'x' will be placed in grey boxes for games that teams are playing rather than a coloured box with the letter representing the team's colour. De-selecting this is good for solo games as colour choice is usually not relevant.

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